Our journey

We have recognized that the laundry industry plays a significant role in damaging the environment, especially through the enormous quantity of drinkable water used just to wash our coats. The release of microplastics, or small pieces of plastic debris, are a byproduct of the breakdown of consumer products and a harmful pollutant.

This is why we have created a system that takes the standard laundry process and makes it finally environment friendly by drastically reducing the use of drinkable water to wash our clouts while stopping the microplastic pollution, consequently radically decreasing the carbon footprint per laundry.
However, we have also discovered that nearly 60% of consumers are willing to change their shopping habits to improve the environment.
For humankind as a whole, it’s critical to prioritize the wellbeing of people and the planet, but many laundromat owners prioritize profit over all else. Consequently, they are not looking into reducing the environmental damaging they are making, even as they’re made aware of it. We recognize why. The answer is self-evident; they can’t make money from the reduction of environment damaging. We’ve concluded that the only thing that will motivate them to make substantial changes is regulation by the state.
So we recognized that even with the knowledge of how to solve this issue, we cannot make significant progress with the current lack of regulations. With more government intervention, more commercial laundry facilities would become environment sustainable facility.
We recognized that the solution is not just in our hands, but in the hands of everyone, and everyone can make their contributions to protecting each other’s wellbeing by protecting the environment.
This is why we have created a movement:
NO MORE drinkable water for each washing cycle of laundry! No more micoplastics into our ocean.
We believe it is our responsibility to drive a movement that calls the government to make obligatory the reuse of wastewater in all commercial laundry rooms. This will also make contribute to the reduction of water scarcity and microplastic pollutions.

Turn your chores
into an avenue of change.

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